A pearl has an unmistakable splendor, the appearance in it’s final stage is perfect, but what did it look and feel like when it was hidden away in secret being formed? Each of us is like that of a pearl in the eyes of our maker and it is through the trials, and irritations of life that we are refined. Through a process of discovery White Pearl Productions is honored to reveal vulnerable and exceptional stories to the world in hopes that we can all come to see the beauty of who we have been created to be, from the inside out.


White Pearl Productions is a film production studio focused on creating IMPACT-FULL cinematic content for INDEPENDENT films and commercial brands



Directing/Producing Film & Commercial Content

Cinematography/Live Action Shooting

High End (Brand) Photography

Writing/Concept Development/Editing

Branding/Film Action Campaigns

Art Direction/Animation/Design

Sound Design/Sound Capture/Experimental Sound

Visual Effects/Color Correction/Color Grading